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2013 Books

Joshua Bloom and Waldo E. Martin, Jr. Black against Empire: the History and Politics of the Black Panther Party. University of California Press. Winner of the American Book Award.

Hall, Peter and Michele Lamont (eds). 2013. Social Resilience in the Neoliberal Era. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Contributors: Peter A. Hall and Michèle Lamont; Peter Evans and William H. Sewell, Jr.; Jane Jenson and Ron Levi; Will Kymlicka; Michèle Lamont, Jessica S. Welburn and Crystal Fleming; Leanne S. Son Hing; James Dunn; Lucy Barnes and Peter A. Hall; Daniel Keating, Arjumand Siddiqi, and Quynh Nguyen; Gérard Bouchard; Clyde Hertzman and Arjumand Siddiqi; Ann Swidler; Marcos Ancelovici.

Kalberg, Stephen. 2013. Searching for the Spirit of American Democracy: Max Weber’s Analysis of a Unique Political Culture, Past, Present, and Future. Herndon, VA: Paradigm Publishers.

Kalberg, Stephen. 2013. Deutschland und Amerika aus der Sicht Max Webers. Wiesbaden: Springer VS.

Sun, Anna. 2013. Confucianism as a World Religion: Contested Histories and Contemporary Realities. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

2012 Books

Nancy J. Davis and Robert V. Robinson. 2012. Claiming Society for God: Religious Movements and Social Welfare in Egypt, Israel, Italy, and the United States. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press. Gold medal in religion, 2013 Independent Publisher Book Awards, and Scholarly Achievement Award, North Central Sociological Association.

Kalberg, Stephen. 2012. Max Weber’s Comparative-Historical Sociology Today: Major Themes, Mode of Causal Analysis, and Applications. Burlington, VT: Ashgate.

2011 Books

Johanna Bockman. 2011. Markets in the Name of Socialism: The Left-Wing Origins of Neoliberalism. Palo Alto, CA: Stanford University Press.

Noel A. Cazenave. 2011. The Urban Racial State: Managing Race Relations in American Cities. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.

Drew Halfman. 2011. Doctors and Demonstrators: How Political Institutions Shape Abortion Law in the United States, Britain, and Canada. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press.

Stephen Kalberg, translated and introduced. Max Weber. 2011. The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism: The Revised 1920 Edition. New York: Oxford University Press.

Gail Kligman and Katherine Verdery. 2011. Peasants under Siege: The Collectivization of Romanian Agriculture, 1949-1962. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Honorable Mention, 2012 Barrington Moore Award.

Ralph LaRossa. 2011. Of War and Men: World War II in the Lives of Fathers and Their Families. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Michael Mann. 2011. Power in the 21st Century. Conversations with John A. Hall. Cambridge: Polity Press.

João H. Moon-Kie Jung, Costa Vargas, and Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, editors. 2011. State of White Supremacy: Racism, Governance, and the United States. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press.

Eva Morawska. 2011. A Sociology of Immigration: (Re)Making Multifaceted America. Palgrave Macmillan.

Jeffrey K. Olick, Vered Vinitzky-Seroussi, and Daniel Levy. 2011. The Collective Memory Reader. New York: Oxford University Press.

Justin J.W. Powell. 2011. Barriers to Inclusion: Special Education in the United States and Germany. Boulder, CO: Paradigm Publishers.

John G. Richardson and Justin J.W. Powell. 2011. Comparing Special Education: Origins to Contemporary Paradoxes. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press.

Joachim J. Savelsberg and Ryan D. King. 2011. American Memories: Atrocities and the Law. Russell Sage Foundation.

Yang Su. 2011. Collective Killings in Rural China during the Cultural Revolution. New York: Cambridge University Press. Winner, 2012 Barrington Moore Award.

2010 Books

Nina Bandelj and Elizabeth Sowers. 2010. Economy and State: A Sociological Perspective. Cambridge, UK:Polity.

Miguel Centeno and Joseph Cohen, 2010. Global Capitalism. Polity Press.

Julian Dierkes, 2010. Guilty Lessons? Postwar History Education in Japan and Germany. London: Routledge.

Brigitte Feuillet-Liger, Kristina Orfali and Therese Callus, eds. 2010. Who is my Genetic Parent? Donor Anonymity and Assisted Reproduction: a Cross-Cultural Perspective. Bruxelles: Brylant.

David Garland, 2010. Peculiar Institution: America's Death Penalty in an Age of Abolition. Cambridge, MA: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press. Winner, 2011 Barrington Moore Award.

Leslie C. Gates, 2010. Electing Chávez: The Business of Anti-Neoliberal Politics in Venezuela. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press.

LaDawn Haglund 2010. Limiting Resources: Market-Led Reform and the Transformation of Public Goods. University Park, PA: Pennsylvania State University Press.

John R. Hall and Laura Grindstaff, and Ming-Cheng Lo, eds. 2010. Handbook of Cultural Sociology. London: Routledge.

Thomas Janoski. 2010. The Ironies of Citizenship New York: Cambridge University Press.

Richard Lachmann, 2010. States and Power. Cambridge, UK and Malden, MA: Polity Press.

Stephanie A. Limoncelli, 2010. The Politics of Trafficking: The First International Movement to Combat the Sexual Exploitation of Women. Palo Alto: Stanford University Press.

James Mahoney, 2010. Colonialism and Postcolonial Development: Spanish America in Comparative Perspective. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Honorable Mention, 2012 Barrington Moore Award.

James Mahoney and Kathleen Thelen, eds., 2010. Explaining Institutional Change: Ambiguity, Agency, and Power. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Charles C. Ragin and Lisa Amoroso. 2010. Constructing Social Research: The Unity and Diversity of Method (Second edition). Pine Forge Press.

Dylan Riley, 2010. The Civic Foundations of Fascism in Europe: Italy, Spain, and Romania, 1870-1945. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.

Victor Roudometof and Vasilios N. Makrides, eds. 2010. "Orthodox Christianity in 21st Century Greece: The Role of Religion in Politics, Ethnicity and Culture. Foreward by Grace Davie. Aldershot: Ashgate.

William G. Roy. 2010. Reds, Whites and Blues: Social Movements, Folk Music and Race in the United States. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

Joachim J. Savelsberg, 2010. Crime and Human Rights: Criminology of Genocide and Atrocities. London: Sage.

Dan Slater, 2010. Ordering Power: Contentious Politics and Authoritarian Leviathans in Southeast Asia. New York: Cambridge University Press. Honorable Mention, 2011 Barrington Moore Award.

2009 Books

Joel Andreas, 2009. Rise of the Red Engineers: The Cultural Revolution and the Origins of China's New Class. Stanford: Stanford University Press.

Yildiz Atasoy, 2009. Islam's Marriage with Neoliberalism: State Transformation in Turkey. London and New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Yildiz Atasoy, ed., 2009. Hegemonic Transitions, the State and Crisis in Neoliberal Capitalism. London and New York: Routledge.

Carl L. Bankston, III and Stephen J. Caldas, 2009. Public Education: America's Civil Religion: A Social History. New York: Teachers College Press.

Mabel Berezin. 2009. Illiberal Politics in Neoliberal Times: Cultures, Security, and Populism in a New Europe. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

David Byrne and Charles C. Ragin, eds., 2009. The SAGE Handbook of Case-Based Methods. Newbury Park, CA: Sage Publications.

Susan Eva Eckstein, 2009. The Immigrant Divide: How Cuban Americans Changed the U.S. and their Homeland. New York: Routledge.

Norbert Elias (edited by Richard Kilminster and Stephen Mennell), 2009. Essays I: On the Sociology of Knowledge and the Sciences. Collected Works, vol. 14. Dublin: UCD Press. [For more information on the Elias Collected Works project, see the UCD Press website.]

Rebecca Jean Emigh, 2009. The Undevelopment of Capitalism: Sectors and Markets in Fifteenth-Century Tuscany. Temple University Press.

Marion Fourcade, 2009. Economists and Societies: Discipline and Profession in the United States, Britain, and France, 1890s to 1990s. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Honorable Mention, 2010 Barrington Moore Award.

Richard Giulianotti and Roland Robertson, 2009. Globalization and Football. London: Sage.

Peter A. Hall and Michèle Lamont, eds., 2009. Successful Societies: How Institutions and Culture Affect Health. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Ho-fung Hung, editor. 2009. China and the Transformation of Global Capitalism. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.

Dietrich Rueschemeyer. 2009. Usable Theory: Analytic Tools for Social and Political Research. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

David Stark. 2009. The Sense of Dissonance: Accounts of Worth in Economic Life. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

Edward A. Tiryakian. 2009. For Durkheim: Essays in Historical and Cultural Sociology. Surrey (UK) and Burlington, VT: Ashgate Publishing.

Andrew G. Walder, 2009. Fractured Rebellion: The Beijing Red Guard Movement. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. Winner, 2010 Barrington Moore Award.

2008 Books

Ari Adut, 2008. On Scandal: Moral Disturbances in Society, Politics and Art. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Paul Almeida, 2008. Waves of Protest: Popular Struggle in El Salvador, 1925 - 2005.. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.

Karen Barkey, 2008. Empire of Difference: The Ottomans in Comparative Perspective. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Co-Winner, 2009 Barrington Moore Award.

Filipe Carreira da Silva, 2008. Mead and Modernity. Science, Selfhood, and Democratic Politics. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.

Jan Drahokoupil, 2008. Globalization and the State in Central and Eastern Europe The Politics of Foreign Direct Investment.. London: Routledge.

Ivan Ermakoff, 2008. Ruling Oneself Out: A Theory of Collective Abdications. Durham, NC: Duke University Press. Co-Winner, 2009 Barrington Moore Award.

David Fitzgerald, 2008. A Nation of Emigrants. University of California Press.

Chad Alan Goldberg, 2008. Citizens and Paupers: Relief, Rights, and Race, from the Freedmen's Bureau to Workfare. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Honorable Mention, 2010 Barrington Moore Award.

Isaac Martin, 2008. The Permanent Tax Revolt. Stanford: Stanford University Press.

Mary Jo Maynes, Jennifer L. Pierce, and Barbara Laslett. 2008. Telling Stories: The Use of Personal Narratives in the Social Sciences and History. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press.

Charles C. Ragin, 2008. Redesigning Social Inquiry: Fuzzy Sets and Beyond. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Benoît Rihoux and Charles C. Ragin, 2008. Configurational Comparative Methods: Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) and Related Techniques. Newbury Park, CA: Sage Publications.

Margaret Somers, 2008. Genealogies of Citizenship: Markets, Statelessness, and the Right to have Rights. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Bastiaan van Apeldoorn , Jan Drahokoupil and Laura Horn, 2008. Contradictions and Limits of European Neoliberal Governance.. Palgrave Macmillan.

Jean Van Delinder, 2008. Struggles before Brown: Early Civil Rights Protests and Their Significance Today. Paradigm Publishers.

2007 Books

Nina Bandelj. 2007. From Communists to Foreign Capitalists: The Social Foundations of Foreign Direct Investment in Postsocialist Europe. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

Mathieu Deflem, editor. 2007. Sociologists in a Global Age: Biographical Perspectives. Aldershot, UK: Ashgate.

Helen Fein. 2007. Human Rights and Wrongs: Slavery Terror, Genocide. Boulder, CO: Paradigm Publishers.

Chad Alan Goldberg. 2007. Citizens and Paupers: Relief, Rights, and Race, from the Freedmen's Bureau to Workfare. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

George Steinmetz, 2007. The Devil's Handwriting: Precoloniality and the German Colonial State in Qingdao, Samoa, and Southwest Africa. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Winner, 2008 Barrington Moore Award.

Melissa J. Wilde. 2007. Vatican II: A Sociological Analysis of Religious Change. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

2006 Books

Monica Prasad, 2006. The Politics of Free Markets: The Rise of Neoliberal Economic Policies in Britain, France, Germany, and the United States. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Winner, 2007 Barrington Moore Award.

John Torpey, 2006. Making Whole What Has Been Smashed: On Reparations Politics. Cambridge: Harvard University Press.

Geneviève Zubrzycki, 2006. The Crosses of Auschwitz: Nationalism and Religion in Post-Communist Poland.Chicago: Chicago University Press .

2005 Books

Eiko Ikegami, 2005. Bonds of Civility: Aesthetic Networks and the Political Origins of Japanese Culture Cambridge, UK, and New York: Cambridge University Press. Honorable Mention, 2006 Barrington Moore Award.

Jerome Karabel, 2005. The Chosen: The Hidden History of Admission and Exclusion at Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. Winner, 2007 ASA Distinguished Scholarly Publication Award.

Daniel Levy, Max Pensky, and John Torpey editors, 2005. Old Europe, New Europe, Core Europe: Transatlantic Relations After the Iraq War.London: Verso

Michael Mann, 2005. The Dark Side of Democracy: Explaining Ethnic Cleansing Cambridge, UK, and New York: Cambridge University Press. Winner, 2006 Barrington Moore Award.

2004 Books

2003 Books

Beverly J. Silver, 2003. Forces of Labor: Workers' Movements and Globalization since 1870 Cambridge, UK and New York: Cambridge University Press. Winner, 2005 ASA Distinguished Scholarly Publication Award.

Vivek Chibber, 2003. Locked in Place: State-Building and Late Industrialization in India Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press. Winner, 2005 Barrington Moore Award, and Honorable Mention, 2006 ASA Distinguished Scholarly Publication Award.

Gorski, Philip S. 2003. The Disciplinary Revolution: Calvinism and the Rise of the State in Early Modern Europe. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Winner, 2004 Barrington Moore Award.

Wood, Elisabeth Jean. 2003. Insurgent Collective Action and Civil War in El Salvador Cambridge, UK and New York: Cambridge University Press.Honorable Mention, 2005 Barrington Moore Award.

Drori, Gili S., John W. Meyer, Francisco O. Ramirez, and Evan Schofer, 2003. Science in the Modern World Polity: Institutionalization and Globalization. Palo Alto, Calif.: Stanford University Press. Honorable Mention, 2004 Barrington Moore Award.

Berezin, Mabel, and Martin Schain, eds. 2003. Europe without Borders: Remapping Territory, Citizenship, and Identity in a Transnational Age. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press.

Foran, John. Editor, 2003. The Future of Revolutions: Rethinking Radical Change in the Age of Globalization. London: Zed Books.

Hechter, Michael, and Christine Horne. Editors, 2003. Theories of Social Order: A Reader. Palo Alto, Calif.: Stanford University Press.

Kumar, Krishan. 2003. The Making of English National Identity. Cambridge, UK and New York: Cambridge University Press.

Mahoney, James, and Dietrich Rueschemeyer. Editors, 2003. Comparative Historical Analysis in the Social Sciences. Cambridge, UK and New York: Cambridge University Press.

McNeely, Ian F. 2003. The Emancipation of Writing: German Civil Society in the Making, 1790s-1820s. Berkeley, Calif.: University of California Press.

Smith, Christian. 2003. Moral, Believing Animals: Human Culture and Personhood. Oxford, UK, and New York: Oxford University Press.

Smith, Christian. Editor, 2003. The Secular Revolution: Power, Interest, and Conflict in the Secularization of American Public Life. Berkeley, Calif.: University of California Press.

Stepan-Norris, Judith, and Maurice Zeitlin. 2003. Left Out: Reds and America's Industrial UnionsLeft Out: Reds and America's Industrial Unions. Cambridge, UK and New York: Cambridge University Press.

Stark, Rodney. 2003. For the Glory of God: How Monotheism Led to Reformations, Science, Witch-Hunts, and the End of Slavery. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press. Winner, History/Biography Award of Merit, Christianity Today Magazine, and Winner, 2004 Distinguished Book Award, Society for the Scientific Study of Religion.

2002 books

Deflem, Mathieu. 2002. Policing World Society: Historical Foundations of International Police Cooperation. Oxford, UK and New York: Oxford University Press.

Drake, Michael S. 2002. Problematics of Military Power: Government, Discipline and the Subject of Violence. London: Routledge.

Kaufman, Jason. 2002. For the Common Good? American Civic Life and the Golden Age of Fraternity. New York and Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

Kennedy, Michael D. 2002. Cultural Formations of Postcommunism: Emancipation, Transition, Nation and War. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.

Roudometof, Victor. 2002. Collective Memory, National Identity, and Ethnic Conflict: Greece, Bulgaria and the Macedonian Question. Westport, Conn.: Praeger.

Shafir, Gershon and Yoav Peled. 2002. Being Israeli: The Dynamics of Multiple Citizenship. Cambridge, UK and New York: Cambridge University Press.

Szakolczai, Arpad. 2002. Reflexive Historical Sociology. London: Routledge.

Weber, Max. 2002. The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. Newly translated by Stephen Kalberg. Los Angeles: Roxbury Publishers.

2001 books

Charrad, Mounira M. 2001. States and Women's Rights: The Making of Postcolonial Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco Berkeley, Calif.: University of California Press. Winner, 2004 ASA Distinguished Scholarly Publication Award

Mahoney, James. 2001. The Legacies of Liberalism: Path Dependence and Political Regimes in Central America. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press. Winner, 2002 Barrigton Moore Award.

Böröcz, József and Melinda Kovács, eds. 2001. Empire's New Clothes: Unveiling EU-Enlargement. Telford (UK): Central Europe Review e-books. Free online at or (mirror site) at

Chew, Sing C. 2001. World Ecological Degradation: Accumulation, Urbanization, and Deforestation: 3000 BC-AD 2000. Walnut Creek, Calif.: AltaMira Press.

Crotty, Raymond D. 2001. When Histories Collide: The Development and Impact of Individualistic Capitalism. Walnut Creek, Calif.: AltaMira Press.

Goodwin, Jeff. 2001. No Other Way Out: States and Revolutionary Movements, 1945-1991. London, New York: Cambridge University Press.

Guillén, Mauro F. 2001. The Limits of Convergence: Globalization and Organizational Change in Argentina, South Korea, and Spain. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.

Staples, William G. and Clifford L. Staples. 2001. Power, Profits, and Patriarchy: The Social Organization of Work at a British Metal Trades Firm, 1791-1922. Lanham, Md.: Rowman & Littlefield.

Winant, Howard. 2001. The World Is a Ghetto: Race and Democracy Since World War II. New York: Basic Books.

>2000 books

Lachmann, Richard. 2000. Capitalists in Spite of Themselves: Elite Conflict and European Transitions in Early Modern Europe. Oxford, UK; New York: Oxford University Press. Winner, 2003 ASA Distinguished Scholarly Publication Award.Honorable Mention, 2002 Barrigton Moore Award

Gould, Roger V. (ed.) 2000. The Rational Choice Controversy in Historical Sociology. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Hall, John R. with Philip D. Schuyler and Sylvaine Trinh. 2000. Apocalypse Observed: Religious Movements and Violence in North America, Europe, and Japan. London: Routledge.

Hall, Thomas D. 2000. A World-Systems Reader: New Perspectives on Gender, Urbanism, Cultures, Indigenous Peoples, and Ecology. Lanham, Md.: Rowman & Littlefield Press.

Moaddel, Mansoor, and Kamran Talattof. 2000. Contemporary Debates in Islam: An Anthology of Modernist and Fundamentalist Thought. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Parsa, Misagh. 2000. States, Ideologies, and Social Revolutions: A Comparative Analysis of Iran, Nicaragua and the Philippines. Cambridge, UK; New York: Cambridge University Press.

Ragin, Charles C. 2000. Fuzzy-Set Social Science. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Spang, Rebecca L. 2000. The Invention of the Restaurant: Paris and Modern Gastronomic Culture. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press. Winner, 2000-2001 Louis Gottschalk Prize from the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies.

Torpey, John. 2000. The Invention of the Passport: Surveillance, Citizenship and the State. Cambridge, UK; New York: Cambridge University Press.

van Leeuwen, Marco H.D. 2000. The Logic of Charity: Amsterdam, 1800 - 1850. Houndsmill, UK: Macmillan Press; New York: St. Martin's Press. [review]

Zaret, David. 2000. Origins of Democratic Culture: Printing, Petitions, and the Public Sphere in Early-Modern England. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press.

1999 books

Arts, Wil, and Loek Halman, eds. 1999. New Directions In Quantitative Comparative Sociology. Leiden and Boston: Brill.

Boli, John, and George M. Thomas, eds. 1999. Constructing World Culture: International Nongovernmental Organizations Since 1875. Stanford: Stanford University Press. See also: Excerpt from the Introduction.

Bornschier, Volker, and Christopher Chase-Dunn, eds. 1999. The Future of Global Conflict. London: Sage.

Hall, John R. 1999. Cultures of Inquiry: From Epistemology to Discourse in Sociohistorical Research. Cambridge, UK; New York: Cambridge University Press.

1998 books

Amenta, Edwin. 1998. Bold Relief: Institutional Politics and the Origins of Modern American Social Policy. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press.

Broadbent, Jeffrey. 1998. Environmental Politics in Japan: Networks of Power and Protest. New York: Cambridge University Press. Winner, 2000 Outstanding Publication Award from the ASA Section on Environment and Technology; and the 2001 "Masayoshi Ohira Memorial Prize," from the Masayoshi Ohira Memorial Foundation, Tokyo, Japan.

Brubaker, Rogers. 1996. Nationalism Reframed: Nationhood and the National Question in the New Europe. New York: Cambridge University Press

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Hobden, Stephen. 1998. International Relations And Historical Sociology : Breaking Down Boundaries. New York: Routledge.

1997 books

Ertman, Thomas. 1997. Birth of the Leviathan: Building States and Regimes in Medieval and Early Modern Europe. Cambridge, UK; New York: Cambridge University Press. Winner, 1998 Barrington Moore Award

Berezin, Mabel. 1997. Making the Fascist Self: The Political Culture of Interwar History. Ithaca, N.Y.: Cornell University Press.

Biernacki, Richard. 1997. The Fabrication of Labor: Germany and Britain, 1640-1914. Berkeley, Calif.: University of California Press.

Chase-Dunn, Christopher, and Thomas D. Hall. 1997. Rise and Demise: Comparing World-Systems. Boulder, Colo.: Westview Press.

Clemens, Elisabeth. 1997. The People's Lobby: Organizational Innovation and the Rise of Interest Group Politics in the United States, 1890-1925. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. [Featured in a Newsletter Symposium]

Crow, Graham. 1997. Comparative Sociology And Social Theory: Beyond The Three Worlds. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Keck, Margaret, and Kathryn Sikkink. 1997. Activists Without Borders: Advocacy Networks in International Politics. Ithaca, N.Y.: Cornell University Press.

Klausen, Jytte, and Louise A. Tilly, eds. 1997. European Integration in Social and Historical Perspective: 1850 to the Present. Lanham, Md.: Rowman & Littlefield.

Paige, Jeffery. 1997. Coffee and Power: Revolution and the Rise of Democracy in Central America. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. [Discussed in a Newsletter Symposium]

Smith, Jackie, Charles Chatfield, and Ron Pagnucco, eds. 1997. Transnational Social Movements and World Politics: Solidarity Beyond the State. Syracuse, N.Y.: Syracuse University Press.

Tilly, Charles. 1997. Roads From Past To Future. Lanham, Md.: Rowman & Littlefield.

1996 books

Brubaker, Rogers. 1996. Nationalism Reframed: Nationhood and the National Question in the New Europe. Cambridge, UK; New York: Cambridge University Press.

Tucker, Kenneth H. Jr. 1996. French Revolutionary Syndicalism and the Public Sphere. Cambridge, UK; New York: Cambridge University Press.

1995 books

Cahnman, Werner J. 1995. Weber & Toennies: Comparative Sociology In Historical Perspective. New Brunswick, N.J.: Transaction.

Jenkins, J. Craig, and Bert Klandermans, eds. 1995. The Politics of Social Protest: Comparative Perspectives on States and Social Movements. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.


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2015 Articles & Chapters

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